Since the year 1989 Sean Nightshade has split his time between Martha's Vineyard and Brooklyn, with DJ residencies in Paris @ Monseigneur Paris, as well as in New York City @ Le Souk & Son Cubano. He is also the Summer dj resident @ Atria on Martha's Vineyard Island & Omega Holistic Institute in Rhinebeck, NY.

Nightshade has been djing all over the globe for more than a decade. He has headlined at dozens of clubs in: Europe, South/Central America and Canada as the dj emissary for Putumayo World Music.

Along with his DJ schedule, Nightshade is currently is Music Coordinator for Rockstar Games on "Grand Theft Auto" as well as several feature films and several restaurants groups including, Tour de France & Christophers Cambridge He also writes for a variety of magazines and periodicals in: San Francisco, New York and London including: BPM Culture, Urb, I.D. Magazine, The Wire, Wired and SONGLINES.

DJ Nightshade's newest release "Tantra Lounge 5" on Water Music along with all his releases including "The Sound of Arabia" On Emagine are available on Amazon.

The combination of; A fascination with global culture, a deep interest in Arabic, African, Indian, Balkan & Latin music along with a genre bending dj style have cemented his reputation as one of the best global dance DJs on the international scene


SONGLINES A thinking mans DJ, who uses both irony and invention to drop music from every idiom and continent, mixing a genre bending, dance floor friendly global stew that no one can resist.

San Francisco Examiner A perfect blend of the progressive and the traditional

New York Times This CD more than delivers, it leaves you hungry for more

Afro pop An inspirational exploration of Middle Eastern and Indi an musical traditions. .

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